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Quality Assurance Report Form:  Concerns/Complaints/Program Improvements


Patients, clinical sites, employers and the general public have the opportunity to voice a complaint about a student or the program in general. Some may choose to use a document such as a patient survey or a college initiated survey. Other may choose to voice their complaint in person. All administrators, from the Dean through the President maintain an open door policy to listen to the views of students, staff and community members. If an official complaint is submitted to the college, the procedure followed is essentially similar, but depends on the nature of the complaint and with whom it is filed.  The original complaint would be filed by the administrator who received and responded to the complaint – that could be the President, Vice president, or Dean.  In all cases, it would be routed to the Dean and/or the Program Director for their written response, and copies of such files would be maintained in the Program Director’s office unless it was a personnel issue, which would then be maintained in the Dean’s office or in Human Resources.

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