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LCC Concurrent courses

What are concurrent courses?
Concurrent courses are college courses taught at the high school by qualified high school instructors in which the students receive both high school and college credit.

What are Dual Credit courses?
Dual credit courses are LCC college courses taught on our campuses, evening extension sites or online for which students may receive both high school and college credit.

How does it work?
Students will be able to enroll at their high school, either by LCC personnel who come to the school, or by high school counselors or teachers. Students are taught using the same materials as the on campus college courses and use the same textbook, unless the high school has a book that has been approved for use by the college. The same outcomes and competencies must be met by concurrent students and regular traditional college students. To enroll, a student must have their high school principal sign the enrollment form in the place provided.

Are there Scholarships available?
High school students are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid, however, LCC offers a “Jumpstart” Scholarship for students who qualify. Students are not eligible for textbook scholarships

LCC Jumpstart and Dual/Concurrent Enrollment

In-county:  Students enrolled in JumpStart &/or Dual Enrollment will receive up to 16 hours of paid tuition, provided they meet the GPA requirements for the respective program.  {2.0}

Cherokee county:  Students enrolled in JumpStart &/or Dual Enrollment will receive up to 16 hours of paid tuition, provided they meet the respective GPA requirements. {2.5}

Out-of-county (except for Cherokee):  Students enrolled in JumpStart &/or Dual Enrollment will receive a scholarship of 50% tuition, up to 6 hours, provided they meet the special GPA requirements for out-of-county.  {2.5}


  • In all cases no fees or books are covered. 

  • Students can be simultaneously enrolled in Concurrent and Dual Credit courses.

  • Students may only take 24 credit hours of concurrent courses during their high school years, but may take unlimited Dual Credit (on our campus) courses

  • Students exceeding the maximum hours are responsible for 100% of the remaining balance.

  • High school students are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for paying for the courses they enroll in and for purchasing their textbook, unless the high school provides one.

Students must fill out a drop slip and submit the form to LCC by the deadline for drops, in order to drop a course and not receive a grade. Non attendance does not automatically drop a student. Not paying for the course does not automatically drop the student.

When a student graduates, they will need to request that their LCC transcripts be sent to any other college that they might attend. Their high school transcript will not reflect the college credit, only the college transcript will.

Grades are posted for all students on the web site in the RED ZONE.

You must have your Student ID number and your pin number, which is on your student ID card, in order to access your information. Be sure to come at get your student ID card made at the Main Campus or the Cherokee Center! Your ID card also gives your discounts at various local businesses including college movie night at Parson's Theater.

Parent responsibilities

If your child wants to take concurrent courses, you need to be aware that they are taking a college course. They are required (for that course) to follow the policies of the college. They will need to enroll and pay their tuition/fees by the stated deadline each semester. If they miss the deadline, they cannot take the course for college credit.

Occasionally, a student may decide they want to drop the course, or not take it for college credit. If they have enrolled, they will need to drop the course in order for that to happen. They must submit the drop form to the college by the drop deadline or they will receive a grade for the course and be obligated for the cost of taking the course, regardless of the reason.

Drop forms can be obtained from the LCC admissions office, by requesting one be mailed to you, or from your high school counselor.

How is my child doing is class?

 For the purpose of FERPA, your child is an adult in our class/es. If you want information on their educational progress, your child must either sign a release form which allows you to view their records, or if your child is listed on your tax returns as your dependent, the claimant may bring a copy of the current years tax return to our Registrar, Kathy Johnston, who will give permission for the records to be released. Those are the only two ways-calling the instructor will not automatically grant access to records. We must have either the signed release, or the tax returns in the registrar's office each semester.

Still Have questions?

Contact  Nancy Newby
Extension and Concurrent Coordinator
Labette Community College
620-820-1221 (office)

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