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Online Enrollment Form 

Degrees and Certificates 

These forms are in PDF format.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.


Thank you for your interest in Labette Community College!!! Should you need clarification after reading the information below, please contact Admissions at 620-421-6700 x1236 or x1264; Visit our Contact page.
NOTE:  This enrollment method is currently available for those students wanting to enroll in online courses ONLY.  If you are interested in enrolling in a combination of online and regular “seat” courses contact your Adviser or Admissions. 
(1) To pull up the Online Enrollment Form click on the following link: onlineform.pdf

You have the following enrollment options:

a. Print out form, complete it and fax to Admissions.
b. Print out form, complete it and mail to Admissions
* Faxing is the preferred method: using regular mail may result in your selected courses being filled by the time it arrives. 
  NOTEYou may choose to complete the enrollment form but NOT include SSN and credit card information.  Either immediately prior to submitting the enrollment or within one business day of submitting it, you must contact Admissions at 620-421-6700, and give the data over the telephone (or fax to 620-421-0180).
(3) It is necessary to complete all of the Online Enrollment Form.  Some data items are essential for institutional purposes, others are required by the Kansas Board of Regents &/or state legislature.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Find the program of your interest; you have the option of consulting with an adviser.  Contact Admissions to obtain the adviser’s email address. 

(5) Complete the course schedule section of the enrollment form.  Write in all the information requested, such as the correct line and course numbers, the course title, instructor, etc.  (This will expedite your approval process.)

Caution:  All students wanting to enroll in online courses must contact their online instructors before the last business day prior to the first day of classes.

(6) Payment:  At the bottom of the course schedule page is a section marked “Payment Method”.  Designate which of the methods you expect to utilize.  Contact the Business Office if you have questions (620-421-6700-x1231) or choose to give your credit card info by phone.  If your employer is paying please include the phone number.  
For financial aid call x1219 or x 1226; for FAFSA filing assistance call x1227, or visit our Financial  website.
(7) Sign the enrollment form before you forward it to us.
(8) Properly completed forms will be processed and you should receive a return email from Admissions within three (3) business days of receipt. 
(9) Once you are enrolled, randomly selected identification and PIN numbers will be sent to you by Admissions.  This will allow additional security for future correspondence.

It is the responsibility of the student to confirm enrollment in courses and that all adds/drops/ withdrawals are properly processed, including deadlines.  Contact Admissions via our website contact page.
For enrollment, drop/add, refund dates, etc., consult the college calendar of events.
Similarly, it is the responsibility of the student to contact and comply with the respective payment procedures established by the Business Office .

(11) For information regarding textbooks, following confirmation of your enrollment, contact the LCC Bookstore via email: Lois Hembree or Verlene Cornell
 *** Contact Admissions:  admissions@labette.edu if you have additional questions.
Rev:  12/07/06
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