LCC Brief Syllabi

Course# Course Title
ACCT 112 Financial Accounting
ACCT 114 Managerial Accounting
ACCT 121 Computer Accounting
ART 103 Drawing I
ART 104 Drawing II
ART 107 Two Dimensional Design
ART 108 Three Dimensional Design
ART 111 Ceramics I
ART 112 Ceramics II
ART 113 Sculpture
ART 115 Painting I
ART 116 Painting II
ART 120 Photography I
ART 121 Photography II
ART 130 Art Appreciation
BIOL 101 Biology
BIOL 108 Principles and Concepts of Genetics
BIOL 120-121 Biology with Lab
BIOL 122 Environmental Life Science
BIOL 124-125 Botany Lecture & Lab
BIOL 126 General Zoology
BIOL 130, 131 Anatomy & Physiology, Lecture and Lab
BIOL 201-202 Microbiology & Lab
BUAD 101 Introduction to Business
BUAD 104 Business Law I
BUAD 105 Business Law II
BUAD 110 Business Communications
BUAD 205 Personal Finance
CHEM 120 Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 124 College Chemistry I
CHEM 126 College Chemistry II
CHEM 204 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 205 Organic Chemistry I Lecture Only
CHEM 207 Organic Chemistry II
COMM 101 Public Speaking
COMM 103 Introduction to Advertising
COMM 105 Introduction to Public Relations
COMM 106 Introduction to Mass Media
COMM 110 Critical Thinking and Argumentation
COMP 110 Computer Concepts and Applications
COMP 115 Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
COMP 120 Computer Information Systems
COMP 130 Introduction to Programming Logic
COMP 135 C++ Programming
COMP 138 Visual Basic Programming
COMP 180 Introduction to Networking
COMP 182 Networking Administration I
COMP 185 Network+ Exam Review
COMP 192 Database Concepts (Microsoft Access)
COMP 195 Fundamentals of Network Security
COMP 196 CompTIA Security+ Exam
COMP 198 PC Troubleshooting
COMP 199 PC Troubleshooting Applications
COMP 200 Operating Systems
COMP 201 Network Server
COMP 202 Network Administration III
COMP 203 CompTIA A+ Exam Review
COMP 204 Server+ Exam Review
COMP 205 Special Topics in Computing
COMP 212 Principles of Software Design
COMP 214 Concepts of Computer Systems
CRIM 101 Introduction to Administration of Justice
CRIM 111 Patrol Procedures
CRIM 112 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CRIM 115 Criminal Investigation & Interrogation Techniques
CRIM 118 Drugs in Society
CRIM 119 Interview and Report Writing
CRIM 131 Community Policing
CRIM 135 Criminal Procedures
CRIM 137 Criminal Law
CRIM 138 Juveniles in the Criminal Justice System
CRIM 142 Seminar in Police Science
CRIM 204 Police Supervision and Management
DNAS 101 Fundamentals of Dental Assisting
DNAS 105 Anatomy & Physiology for Dental Assistants
DNAS 107 Dental Health Education
DNAS 110 Infection Control for Dental Practices
DNAS 111 Dental Materials I
DNAS 114 Chairside Assisting I
DNAS 118 Dental Radiology I
DNAS 119 Dental Anatomy
DNAS 125 Dental Science
DNAS 135 Chairside Assisting II
DNAS 138 Dental Radiology II
DNAS 140 Dental Practice Management
DNAS 144 Clinical Experience I
DNAS 151 Clinical Experience II
DMS 201 Introduction to Sonography
DMS 205 Sonography Sectional Anatomy & Abdominal Pathology I
DMS 206 OB/GYN for Sonography I
DMS 207 OB/GYN Sonography Procedures
DMS 209 Introduction to OB/GYN and Vascular Lab
DMS 211 Sonography Physics & Instrumentation
DMS 213 OB/GYN Sonography Lab
DMS 214 Introduction to Echocardiography
DMS 218 General & Abdominal Sonography Lab
DMS 220 General Sonography Clinical Training I
DMS 221 Sonography Clinical Training II
DMS 222 Sonography Clinical Training III
DMS 223 Sonography Clinical Training IV
DMS 225 Vascular Sonography Lab
DMS 230 Introduction to Vascular Sonography
DMS 231 Vascular Sonography II
DMS 234 Sonography and Physics Registry Review
DMS 249 Echocardiography Board Review
DMS 250 Sonography Registry Review
DRAF 105 Computer Aided Drafting I
DRAF 106 Computer Aided Drafting II
INDU 131 Engineering Graphics
ECON 101 Issues in Today's Economy
ECON 203 Macroeconomics
ECON 204 Microeconomics
EDUC 101 Child Abuse and Neglect: Recognizing, Responding and Reporting
EDUC 106 Caring for Children with Special Needs
EDUC 107 Administration & Organization of Child Care Programs
EDUC 108 Parenting Rewards and Responsibilities
EDUC 110 Child Development
EDUC 111 Understanding Multiple Intelligences: Children's Learning Styles
EDUC 112 Early Education Curriculum
EDUC 114 The Exceptional Child
EDUC 116 Family Day Care
EDUC 117 Understanding Children's Temperament
EDUC 118 Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child
EDUC 120 Creative Positive Settings for Children and Families
EDUC 121 Cultural Competency
EDUC 122 Activities for Young Children
EDUC 123 Home, School and Community Resources
EDUC 124 Infant and Toddlers
EDUC 125 Infant and Toddlers Lab
EDUC 126 Childhood Program Planning Ages 0-5
EDUC 127 Preschool Child
EDUC 128 Preschool Child Lab
EDUC 131 Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Settings
EDUC 134 Pre-Professional Lab I
EDUC 140 Introduction to Teaching
EDUC 142 Early Childhood Education
EDUC 147 Information Literacy
EDUC 149 Introduction to Online Teaching
EDUC 150 Preparation for Science
EDUC 151 Children's Literature
EDUC 152 Children's Music
EDUC 154 Art Education
EDUC 160 Topics in Education: Google for Educators Level 1
ENGL 090 Accelerated Learning
ENGL 093 Reading Essentials
ENGL 094 College Reading
ENGL 095 Writing Essentials
ENGL 096 Pre-Composition
ENGL 101 English Composition I
ENGL 102 English Composition II
ENGL 118 Theatre Appreciation
ENGL 200 Creative Writing
ENGL 206 General Literature
ENGL 207 British Literature 1
ENGL 208 World Literature
ENGL 209 American Literature I
ENGL 212 Introduction to Literature I: Poetry and Drama
ENGL 213 Introduction to Literature II: Prose and Fiction
ENGL 215 Science Fiction
ENGL 219 Film Appreciation
LANG 104 French I
LANG 127 Spanish I
LANG 128 Spanish II
GEOG 101 World Regional Geography
GEOG 102 North American Geography
GRAP 103 Introduction to Graphic Design
GRAP 107 Introduction to Desktop Publishing
GRAP 113 Packaging Design
GRAP 118 Typography
GRAP 120 Color Theory
GRAP 122 Illustration
GRAP 128 Digital Animation
GRAP 130 Advertising Design
GRAP 200 Portfolio Development
GRAP 202 Digital Photography
GRAP 203 Digital Photography II
GRAP 204 Digital Illustration
GRAP 206 Photo Editing Software
GRAP 208 Website Design Software
GRAP 210 Digital Page Layout
GRAP 216 Graphic Design Print Media
HEAL 101 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
HEAL 104 CPR/First Aid
HEAL 107 Paid Nutrition Assistant
HEAL 110 Psychology of the Aging Process
HEAL 112 Policy and Performance Skills
HEAL 113 Activity Director Certification
HEAL 114 Social Service Designee Certification
HEAL 115 Adult Care Home Operator
HEAL 121 Certified Nurse Aide-Geriatric (CNA)
HEAL 122 Certified Nurse Aide Bridge Course
HEAL 129 Home Health Aide
HEAL 131 Medication Aide
HEAL 132 Medication Aide Recertification
HEAL 135 Principles of Phlebotomy
HEAL 142 Emergency Medical Technician
HEAL 143 Emergency Medical Training-Intermediate
HEAL 148 First Responder
HEAL 149 First Responder to EMT-Basic Bridge
HEAL 151 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
HEAL 163 Preparation for Pharmacy Technician Certification
HEAL 190 Advanced EMT
HEAL 191 Advanced EMT Clinical Field Internship
HIST 101 American History To 1877
HIST 102 American History Since 1877
HIST 103 World History to 1500
HIST 104 World History Since 1500
HIST 108 Current World Affairs
HIST 201 Kansas History
HUMA 101 Introduction to Humanities
LEAR 101 College Success Skills
MNGM 126 Foundation of Small Business
MNGM 152 Leadership Techniques Training I
INDU 109 Blueprint Reading
INDU 123 Electronic Devises
INDU 125 Fundamentals of Electronics DC/AC
INDU 127 Digital Logic Circuits with Lab
INDU 131 Engineering Graphics
INDU 132 Engineering Graphics II
INDU 167 Fundamentals of Electronics DC/AC Lab
INDU 168 Electronic Devices Lab
INDU 169 Digital Logic Circuits Lab
INDU 210 Computer Aided Drafting
MATH 088 Foundations of Math
MATH 095 Beginning Algebra with Review
MATH 096 Beginning Algebra
MATH 100 Intermediate Algebra
MATH 111 Mathematics for Education
MATH 115 College Algebra
MATH 120 Elementary Statistics
MATH 121 Matrix Algebra
MATH 122 Introduction to Analytical Processes
MATH 125 Trigonometry
MATH 127 Business Calculus
MATH 130 Calculus I
MATH 131 Calculus II
MATH 201 Calculus III
MATH 202 Differential Equations
MUSI 101 Music Appreciation
MUSI 103 Music Literature
MUSI 104 History of Jazz and Rock
MUSI 105 Music Technology
MUSI 125-126-213-214 College Band I, II, III, IV
MUSI 127-128-215-216 College Choir I, II, III, IV
MUSI 129-130-217-218 College Orchestra I, II, III, IV
MUSI 132 Community Chorus
MUSI 133 Community Orchestra
MUSI 137 Explorations in Music
MUSI 139 Aural Skills I
MUSI 140 Music Theory Fundamentals
MUSI 142 Music Theory I
MUSI 143 Music Theory II
MUSI 144 Community Band
MUSI 111-112-201-202 Private Voice I, II, III, IV
MUSI 114-115-203-204 Private Piano I, II, III, IV
MUSI 116-117-205-206 Private Percussion I, II, III, IV
MUSI 118-119- 209-210 Private Brass I, II, III, IV
MUSI 120-122-209-210 Private Strings I, II, III, IV
MUSI 122-123-211-212 Private Woodwind I, II, III, IV
MUSI 152 Performance Ensemble I
MUSI 153 Performance Ensemble II
MUSI 154 Performance Ensemble III
MUSI 155 Performance Ensemble IV
MUSI 156 Private Lesson I
MUSI 157 Private Lesson II
MUSI 158 Private Lesson III
MUSI 159 Private Lesson IV
MUSI 182 Private Guitar I
MUSI 183 Private Guitar II
MUSI 184 Private Guitar III
MUSI 185 Private Guitar IV
NURS 110 Legal Issues for Nursing
NURS 115 Topics in Health Care Alternatives and Complementary Therapies
NURS 116 Pharmacology for Health Care Providers
NURS 118 Intravenous (IV) Therapy for LPN's & RN's
NURS 120 Fundamentals of Nursing
NURS 122 Medical-Surgical Nursing
NURS 124 Family Nursing I
NURS 126 Bridge Course for LPN's
NURS 151 Therapeutic Nutrition for Healthcare Providers
NURS 201 Mental Health Nursing
NURS 203 Family Nursing II
NURS 204 NCLEX-RN Review/Preparation (IO)
NURS 205 Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing
NURS 206 Health Assessment for Nursing Practice
NURS 207 Pathophysiology
OTEC 101 Keyboarding
OTEC 102 College Keyboarding
OTEC 106 Formatting
OTEC 107 Medical Document Formatting
OTEC 109 Office Machines
OTEC 111 Records Management & Database Applications
OTEC 113 Business Accounting
OTEC 119 Business Math
OTEC 121 Office Procedures
OTEC 122 Office Internship I
OTEC 123 Office Internship II
OTEC 124 Medical Terminology
OTEC 125 Advanced Medical Terminology
OTEC 127 Transcription Skills
OTEC 128 Medical Transcription
OTEC 131 Advanced Medical Transcription
OTEC 132 Legal Transcription
OTEC 133 Medical Coding
OTEC 134 Medical Coding CPT
OTEC 136 Business Office Applications
OTEC 137 Medical Office Applications
OTEC 138 Legal Office Applications
OTEC 140 Business English
OTEC 142 Pharmacology & Laboratory Medicine for Medical Transcription
OTEC 155 Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
PARA 108 Behavior Support Principles
PARA 109 Laboratory in Behavior Support Principles
PARA 114 Behavior Support Principles II
PARA 115 Laboratory Behavior Support II
PARA 120 Paraeducator I
PARA 121 Paraeducator II
PARA 122 Paraeducator III
PARA 123 Paraeducator IV
PARA 124 Paraeducator V
PARA 125 Paraeducator VI
PARA 126 Paraeducator VII
PARA 127 Paraeducator VIII
PARA 131 Beginning Sign Language
PARA 132 Intermediate Sign Language
PARA 137 Emergency Health and Safety
PARA 138 Language Development for the Exceptional Individual
PHIL 101 Philosophy I
PHIL 104 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 106 Ethics
PED 101 Introduction to Physical Education
PED 103 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injury
PED 105 Personal and Community Health
PED 107 Community Recreation
PED 109 Recreational Activities
PED 111 Athletic Training Practicum I
PED 112 Athletic Training Practicum II
PED 114 Basic Nutrition
PED 116 Lifetime Fitness Concepts
PED 118 First Aid
PED 119 Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED
PED 140 Theory of Coaching Baseball
PED 141 Theory of Coaching Basketball
PED 142 Theory of Coaching Wrestling
PED 150 Beginning Golf
PED 162 Swimming
PED 171 Zumba
PED 172 Kickboxing
PED 176 Dance Appreciation
PED 185 Lifesaving
PED 189 Rules and Officiating
PED 193 Yoga
PED 195 Weightlifting
PED 196 Crossfit Training
PED 198 Watercolor Painting
PED 199 Jewelry Making
PED 200 Knitting & Crocheting
PHSC 101 Physical Geology
PHSC 103 Introduction to Astronomy
PHSC 105 Physical Science
PTA 101 Introduction to PTA
PTA 102 PTA Kinesiology
PTA 103 Physical Agents and Therapeutic Interventions
PTA 104 Therapeutic Exercise
PTA 105 Clinical Education I
PTA 106 Patient Care
PTA 201 Pathology for the PTA
PTA 202 PTA Musculoskeletal
PTA 203 Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
PTA 204 Clinical Education II
PTA 205 Clinical Education III
PTA 207 PTA Seminar
PHYS 201 College Physics I
PHYS 203 Engineering Physics I
PHYS 205 College Physics II
PHYS 208 Engineering Physics II
POLS 103 State & Local Government
POLS 105 American Government
PSYC 101 General Psychology
PSYC 201 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 202 Psychology of Adjustment
RADI 101 Introduction to Radiography, Ethics and Law
RADI 103 Radiographic Procedures I
RADI 104 Radiographic Procedures II
RADI 105 Radiographic Procedures III
RADI 107 Radiographic Imaging I
RADI 109 Patient Care in Radiography I
RADI 113 Simulations in Radiography I
RADI 115 Patient Care and Pharmacology in Radiography
RADI 117 Radiographic Imaging II
RADI 119 Clinical Training I
RADI 120 Clinical Training II
RADI 125 Principles of Radiation Physics and Equipment Operation
RADI 127 Introduction to Computed Tomography & Cross-Sectional Anatomy
RADI 201 Imaging Modalities
RADI 203 Clinical Training III
RADI 204 Clinical Training IV
RADI 205 Clinical Training V
RADI 207 Radiographic Imaging III
RADI 211 Computed Tomography Procedures
RADI 213 Radiographic Pathophysiology
RADI 214 Simulations in Radiography II
RADI 217 Radiation Protection I
RADI 218 Radiation Protection II
RADI 219 Image Analysis
RADI 221 Radiography Comprehensive Review
RADI 223 Critical Thinking & Analysis in Radiography
RELI 101 Comparative World Religions
RELI 105 New Testament Survey
RESP 101 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care I
RESP 102 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care II
RESP 105 Respiratory Care Pharmacology
RESP 107 Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology I
RESP 109 Clinical Practice I
RESP 110 Clinical Practice II
RESP 113 Pediatric Respiratory Care
RESP 115 Introduction to Mechanical Ventilation
RESP 148 Comprehensive Respiratory Care
RESP 153 CRT Review
RESP 158 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care I Lab
RESP 160 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care II Lab
RESP 161 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care III Lab
RESP 203 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care III
RESP 205 Respiratory Disease
RESP 207 Critical Care Medicine
RESP 211 Clinical Practice III
RESP 212 Respiratory Care Professional Forum
RESP 213 Respiratory Care Topics and Procedures
SOCI 101 Sociology
SOCI 112 Introduction to Social Work (IO)
SOCI 122 Basic Helping Skills
SOCI 123 Basic Helping Skills Experience
SOCI 201 Marriage and Family
SOCI 203 Social Problems
SOCI 207 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
SOCI 211 Criminology
WELD 120 Welding Cutting Processes
WELD 130 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
WELD 140 Shielded Metal Arc Welding
WELD 160 Gas Metal Arc Welding
WELD 180 Welding Blueprint Reading
WELD 210 Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
WELD 220 Advanced Gas Metal Arc Welding
WELD 240 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding
WELD 260 Specialized Welding