LCC Student Survey Prompts Change in Course Schedule

March 8, 2022


Labette Community College has been implementing campus wide changes to ensure student success, encourage retention, and enhance the college experience for students. The college formed a Strategic Enrollment Management committee made of constituents campus-wide. The monthly committee meetings serve as an avenue for ideas, collaboration and change implementation on the recruiting, retention, and completion of students while at LCC. 

A student survey conducted through the committee determined that changes to class times as well as days classes were being offered were key in the recruitment and retention of students. Beginning the summer of 2022, class times will begin at the top of every hour or half hour, rather than the previous time of ten or twenty minutes after the hour. The summer schedule will also serve as a catalyst for change in the days of the week courses are offered for the 2022-23 academic year. Class days will be held Monday-Thursday, with the exception of some Career Technical Education courses which may have labs or clinical hours on Fridays. 

The change in classes will allow students time for tutoring, testing, advising, studying, and work on Fridays. The schedule also allows faculty time to grade, advise students, and prepare for upcoming classes. 

“The student survey identified that a four day a week class schedule is attractive to current and potential students. This allows students to focus on their specific needs and help them be a better student, parent, employee, and community member,” said Dean of Instruction, Kara Wheeler.

The new course schedule will begin in Summer 2022. Open enrollment for Summer and Fall 2022 will begin April 1. More information can be found at

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