LCC Science Students conduct DNA Experiment

January 11, 2023

Fall 2022 Microbiology Class DNA Experiment

Labette Community College (LCC) science majors from the General Biology and Microbiology classes displayed “spooled” DNA (genetic material) on glass rods as well as test tube DNA extracted from kiwis and strawberries in approximately like sized fruits. The students’ experiment was to determine which fruit contains the most genetic material as the number of chromosomes differ in these two plants. Students discussed their hypotheses, recorded observations, analyzed their data, and were able to draw conclusions based on their experimentation. The findings by LCC’s students were that strawberries yielded the most DNA.   This experiment was a concluding activity after a detailed study of molecular genetics. The Fall 2022 general biology and microbiology classes were taught by Dr. Diane Watkins.

General Biology and Microbiology is offered for the Spring 2023 semester and will be taught by Dr. Archana Lal and Tom Brungardt.  If you would like more information on Spring semester classes or to enroll, please contact LCC admissions at 620-421-6700, text 620-205-5301, or go to

Fall 2022 Biology DNA Experiment

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