Excel in CTE

The Excel in CTE bill allows LCC to waive the cost of tuition for high school students who meet Kansas residency requirements for enrollment in any tiered career technical course.

Some of the tuition-free certificate program opportunities are:

Courses Eligible for Excel in CTE Funding:

ACCT 112 Financial Accounting
ACCT 114 Managerial Accounting
ACCT 121 Computer Accounting
BUAD 101 Introduction to Business
GRAP 113 Packaging Design
GRAP 118 Typography
GRAP 120 Color Theory
GRAP 128 Digital Animation
GRAP 130 Advertising Design
GRAP 200 Portfolio Development
GRAP 204 Digital Illustration
GRAP 206 Photo Editing Software
GRAP 208 Website Design Software
GRAP 216 Graphic Design Print Media
HEAL  151 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)   
HEAL 121 Nurse Aide: Geriatric (CNA)
HEAL 131 Medication Aide
HEAL 135 Principles of Phlebotomy
HEAL 136 Phlebotomy Clinical Practicum    
HEAL 142 Emergency Medical Technician—EMT    
INDU 123 Electronic Devices
INDU 125 Fundamentals of Electronics DC/AC
INDU 127 Digital Logic Circuits
INDU 131 Engineering Graphics
INDU 155 OSHA Safety 10
INDU 167 Fundamentals of Electronics DC/AC Lab
INDU 168 Electronics Devices Lab
INDU 169 Digital Logic Circuits Lab
INDU 210 Computer Aided Drafting and Design
OTEC 111 Records Management & Database App.
OTEC 113 Business Accounting
OTEC 121 Office Procedures
OTEC 125 Advanced Medical Terminology
OTEC 128 Medical Transcription
OTEC 133 Medical Coding ICD
OTEC 134 Medical Coding CPT
WELD 120 Welding Cutting Processes
WELD 130 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
WELD 140 Shielded Metal Arc Welding
WELD 160 Gas Metal Arc Welding
WELD 180 Pipe Layout and Blueprint Reading
WELD 210 Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
WELD 220 Advanced Gas Metal Arc Welding
WELD 240 Adv. Shielded and Metal Arc Welding
WELD 260 Specialized Welding

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