Enrollment Certification Request

Purpose: Verification of approved/enrolled courses

Students are required to submit the Request for VA Certification (RVAC) Form each time an enrollment occurs.  This form allows your School Certifying Official to verify with your academic advisor that the courses are needed for your degree program.  Courses will begin being certified the first week of classes. It is highly recommended that submission is as early as possible to avoid delays, block on accounts and add/drop time.  If there is an issue with the enrolled course(s), you will be contacted by email or phone. Please ensure that you have the most current information listed on the Request for VA Certification (RVAC) form and report any necessary updates to the Admissions Office.

  • Ensure that an enrollment has occurred before submitting the Request for VA Certification (RVAC) form. Submission of the RVAC form does not constitute enrollment for classes.
  • Submit one RVAC form for EACH session/cycle of courses that you are enrolled into. This will help to avoid a certification being overlooked.
  • Course certification to the VA will be done when the classes have started.
  • Certification for classes will not occur without a Request for VA Certification (RVAC) form - NO EXCEPTIONS!

If this is your first time utilizing VA Education Benefits at Labette Community College, you must meet with the School Certifying Official and complete the Orientation Form for Veteran Education Benefits.

Contact Information

Sara Comer, LMSW

O: 620-820-1227
L107B, Student Success Center
Veterans Crisis Line
www.eBenefits.va.govMilitary Friendly Schools