LCC Fundraising Request Form

Per Labette Community College Procedure 6.03, employee groups, student organizations, and athletic teams must obtain approval to conduct a fundraising activity in the name of the College or in the name of the group, whether the activity occurs on-campus or off-campus.

To request approval, the group submits a completed Fundraising Activity Request form to the Vice President of Student Affairs, who then sends the form to the Foundation/Alumni Director. The form must be submitted at least ten school days prior to the start of the activity.

Printed materials for the activity must be approved by the Director of Public Relations.

* Required

* Group Name:
* Type of Group:

Student Organization

Employee Group

Athletic Team


* Has the event been approved
by President's Council?:

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All events must be approved by President's Council using the Event Approval form. Please contact the President's Office for more information.

* Name of Fundraising Activity:
* Date(s) of Fundraising Activity:
* Location(s) of Fundraising Activity:

* Details of the Fundraising Activity including number of students/employees involved, responsibilities of those involved, what participants will be asked to do, etc.:


* Purpose for funds raised through the activity:


* List businesses that are going to be asked for donations of merchandise or services for this fundraising event:


If a commercial vendor is participating, please provide name of vendor, address, telephone number:


What fee or percentage will the vendor pay to the employee group, student organization, or athletic team and how will it be paid?


* Expected Revenues:
* Expected Expenses:
* Expected Profit:
* Requestor's Name:
* Requestor's Role within the Group: